IKEA SVÄRTA Loft bed improvements for the 21st Century

IKEA SVÄRTA Loft bed with USB charging port

Thought I’d show some of my hacks/improvements of our kids IKEA SVÄRTA loft bed frames.

I’ve installed a dual usb port at the top of the bed in the end of one of the vertical posts, IKEA Dioder round LEDs under the loft, and a Kallax 4*2 cube style shelf but from elsewhere as the Kallax unit is too tall. The unit I found from officeworks in Australia and has around 10mm gap at the top – perfect!

Parts used:

Instructions for usb charging port:

Drill an 8mm hole at the bottom of the bed post
Remove caps from both ends of bed post

IKEA SVÄRTA Loft bed with USB charging port

Run wire down bed post
Solder wire to 2.1mm DC socket
Install socket into 8mm hole and secure with nut
Attach crimps to other end of wire
Plug dual usb charger in to crimps (ensure voltage polarity is correct with a digital volt meter!)

IKEA SVÄRTA Loft bed with USB charging port

I had to do some filing of part of the usb charger to get it to fit, but it’s not coming out without force and is very snug.

The IKEA Dioder round lights aren’t quite bright enough. I will probably replace them with the strip version in the future.



~ Tim