The old Akurum. It’s brilliant for a Loft Bed with Den!

Upgrading your old kitchen? Don’t throw the IKEA AKURUM kitchen cabinets away just yet. They can be turned into an ingenious loft bed with den and plenty of underloft storage. Ada repurposes the 15″ AKURUM cabinets into stairs and the 24″ ones into storage. The old closet is stripped away and the loft bed built into the nook, taking advantage of the room’s height and maximizing storage space. It turned out nothing less than impressive.

Can’t find the AKURUM? This hack can be done with the IKEA SEKTION kitchen cabinets too.

Elevated (loft) bed with wardrobe and a “secret room” beneath.

  • Closet/wardrobe under the bed.
  • AKURUM Cabinets with shelves and drawers. (4 x 24″ base cabinets)
  • Standard cabinet drawers under each step.
  • Comfortable bed entry with alternating steps (cut from four 15″ cabinet frames)
  • Long landing for easy access to bed (covered with cut-to-size 15″ high cabinet doors)
  • Full size mattress on LUROY slats (the only full size IKEA slats not requiring a central beam).

Designed using Google Sketchup. Design animation available on YouTube.


This was how the room looked like before the remodel. Note the standard closet at the back wall. Most of the space above the closet doors was not accessible and wasted.

closet removal

Closet removal in progress.

Construction of a support frame

Construction of a support frame from 2×6 beams anchored in the walls and the 4×4 beam support pillar.

Stairs made from 15

The stairs made from 15″ AKURUM cabinet frames.

Storage from 24

Four 24″ AKURUM cabinets provide outside accessible storage and walls for the wardrobe. Three cabinets visible in this picture, the fourth is not mounted yet.

The den

“Secret room” with IKEA LED lights and green wall carpeting. It uses the space under the stair’s landing.

Hack a loft bed with den using IKEA AKURUM kitchen cabinets

Completed loft bed.

Hack a loft bed with den using IKEA AKURUM kitchen cabinets

Another view of the completed project.

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 Growing up, did you have a loft bed with den? Tell us about it.

How else to use the old AKURUM kitchen cabinets?

– It works wonderfully as a wardrobe.

– It’s fantastic as a floating credenza.

– And nobody has to know it’s a bunch of old kitchen cabinets.