Recycled play kitchen

Tricia spent the weekend making her daughter a play stove out of a recycled box. You could of course use any other box to re-create this.

– 1 Pappis box for the base
– 4 black Panna coasters for the burners
– 4 silver Kosing knobs
– 1 silver Kosing handle
– pages from the Ikea catalog for the backsplash

I basically covered the box in colored paper and tinfoil (for that stainless stovetop look!). The orientation of the box should be – box cover in front and opens downward – just like an oven door would. Then I cut a hole on the box cover and used an acetate sheet to cover the hole so the oven would have a window. Screwed in the knobs and handles. Glued the coasters on top to make the burners and added a couple of pages from the new catalog that had pictures of kitchen equipment hanging from a wall to a piece of cardboard and then taped the piece of cardboard to the back of the box. Finished it off with black electrical tape to hide the raw edges… and Voila! a play kitchen stove/oven!

It’s also perfect for storing all the play kitchen equipment (like the Duktig series) after play since it basically is a box! It’s a great way for recycling a cardboard box (in this case new life was given to a Pappis magazine storage box.)”

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Jules Yap