From crib bumper pad to crib skirt

After purchasing a Himmelsk crib bumper pad for my baby’s nursery, I started to have second thoughts about it, due to safety concerns and to how unpractical the bumper is.

HIMMELSK bumper pad IKEA


However, I was in love with the little gray stars and didn’t want to take it back to the store. Also, I wanted to hide the unsightly gap under the crib. As it turns out, the Himmelsk turned upside down was the perfect height to cover the gap in my Stuva cot.

HIMMELSK bumper pad bumper pad to crib skirt

HIMMELSK bumper pad bumper pad to crib skirt - closeup
I had to partially dismantle the cot to place it over the bed base, and make holes in the Himmelsk to accommodate hardware, but it was a pretty easy hack.

I also removed and repositioned the elasticated Velcro straps that hold it in place so they aligned with the crib rails but this is not totally necessary. I just wanted it to look neat!

By the way, in case you were wondering, I painted the Stuva’s drawers and horizontal crib bars gray, as I didn’t like any of the standard colours.

STUVA cot with HIMMELSK bumper pad as crib skirt

More sweet ideas for baby cots.

– Hack a pretty headboard for the HENSVIK crib. A cot fit for a princess.

Hensvik Crib Headboard

– How does a small bundle of a human being use up so much space? If you have this question, you’ll love this idea. Add open shelving to the end of the crib for books, clean diapers and toys.

Crib with open shelving

– Admit it, cribs do look like mini jail cells. Here’s how to turn the GULLIVER cot into a modern stylish crib.

Modern stylish crib - IKEA GULLIVER hack

– Ideally, the home grows with the family but that’s not always the case.  If you need to make room for a toddler and a baby, hack this crib bunk bed. Fits tiny 6x6ft room. Promise!

GULLIVER crib bunk bed

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