Crib bunk bed hacked from IKEA GULLIVER cots

We have 4 kids and live in a tiny house, we have 3 bedrooms but my 3 year old daughter’s room is only 6ft x 6ft and her baby sister will be moving in with her soon.

We thought of many ideas to fit 2 children in this tiny space but the only viable option was an IKEA hack….of course!

I had seen the Gulliver toddler bunk bed hack but we need a cot, so had to come up with another hack.

We already had one Gulliver crib which had been converted to a toddler bed. We bought another Gulliver crib and got to work.



  • IKEA item: Gulliver Cribs x 2
  • Tools used: Table saw, electric saw, impact drill
  • Non Ikea Materials: Pine boards, screws and handrails for children’s play equipment.

1. We shortened the side of the top cot by cutting the cot bars and removed the leftover bars from the bottom rung and reattached it. We set the base of the bed at the newborn height and reattached the altered side. This gave the top cot bed a higher side for safety as well as giving us extra head room to get baby in and out below (700mm). We also cut a section at the end of the top cot to allow access in and out of the bed.

DIY a crib bunk bed

2. We added extended legs in between the top and bottom cots and on the outside we attached 700×350 pine legs (1.9meters high) this gave it extra stability and strength.

Extending the legs

3. Another bit of pine was run along the side of the top cot under the base and rail to ensure the base was strong. And another along the end under the exit point.

A platform for the ladder

4. We built a platform (from yellow tongue) with 2 steps allowing a step down of 250mm from the top cot to the top platform and 200mm from the top platform to the bottom. We also made 3 shelves under this for toy storage.

5. We then made a ladder out of 700x250mm pine for the sides and the leftover leg extender wood (140mmX19mm). This is only 350mm wide.

A ladder for the GULLIVER crib bunk bed

After some paint we moved 2 TRYSIL drawers in … love IKEA!

Ladder can be stowed when not in use

We drilled holes in the bottom platform and attached brackets to the ladder so it can be anchored there. During the day we will move it up on the platform so the kids can’t get up there except to sleep.

Crib bunk bed hacked from IKEA GULLIVER cots

Ladder with rails

Crib bunk bed hacked from IKEA GULLIVER cots

Exit point

We then painted it all white added some children’s safety handles to the ladder and some sensor LED lights for when she gets up in the night.

Crib bunk bed hacked from IKEA GULLIVER cots

Big girl up top

Crib bunk bed hacked from IKEA GULLIVER cots

Cot below

It may have been my idea but major credit goes to my lovely dad, Peter for actually implementing it. We had to build it in the room as the cots don’t fit through the doorway but we got there in the end!

~ by Courtney, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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