Transform the IKEA Maskros in one step

Maskros Ikea Pendant Hack

The MASKROS pendant lamp, named after the dandelion, is a one of those instantly recognisable pieces. It screams IKEA. Luckily for us, it’s also super hackable. Here is a quick and easy IKEA MASKROS hack from Olivia of Minty Fresh Projects.

The plain white “before”, with flowers at the end of the stem.



The after, minimalism in gold.

IKEA Maskros hack

IKEA Maskros hack

Olivia loves its big impact for not a ton of work!  She says, “So many hacks can be waaaaaay too time consuming. Not this one!”

IKEA MASKROS as dining room pendant light

All it needed was careful application of Martha Stewart’s Liquid Gilding, for a deep shade of metallic gold covering the white and silver parts of the MASKROS lamp entirely. Olivia points out that Liquid Gilding is extremely stinky and needs to be applied in a well ventilated area.

IKEA MASKROS as dining room gold pendant light

If you’re interested to hack the IKEA MASKROS, check out the details on her website.

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