Light up with a whimsy Cloud Ceiling Light

Light up with a whimsy Cloud Ceiling Light

Here is my new project for a new cotton cloud ceiling light:

This is what you need:

  • 6x LYSBOJ Ceiling lamp
  • 6x LED light bulbs
  • 2x KRUSNING Pendant lamp shade, 17″
  • thin steel wire
  • white cables for the wiring



Steps for Cloud Ceiling Light:

1. First mount LYSBOJ lamps without the shades on the ceiling and wire them together in a row with the white cable.

Mount LYSBOJ lights

2. Screw the bulbs in.

3. Then crumple the sheets of the KRUSNING lamp shades like you would crumble a paper and tie on pieces of thin steel wire in the length of at least 50cm on several positions of the sheets.

Crumple KRUSNING lamp shade

4. After this tie the wire ends to the plastic parts of the LYSBOJ lamps and arrange the LYSBOJ sheets all over that the light bulbs and the wiring can’t be seen from the outside and it all looks like a cloud on the ceiling. You can use staples or glue to fix the lamp shades all together. Cut the wire ends which are too long.

Light up with a whimsy Cloud Ceiling Light

Important: Make sure that there is enough free space between the lamp shades and the light bulbs.

Light up with a whimsy Cloud Ceiling Light

~ by Vendela

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