Nimbus Luminous

nimbus luminous - a cloud light

It’s a cloud. It’s pendant light. It is Nimbus Luminous!
I made this after my wife stared enviously at the cloud light in a dessert restaurant. =)
It is an easy, fun sized, and affordable project for a playroom.
Let’s get started!


  • Solleftea lantern x1
  • Hemma lamp x1
  • Old unused teddies x 2
  • Glue gun
  • Ledare LED 1000 lm x1 (white)
  • Osram LED 350lm x1 (warm)

1. Open and expand the Solleftea lantern (Ikea common sense) and set up the pendant light + LEDS.


Link both socket as above in a L-shape configuration. I used the socket mount as a holder for the extra long wires.

2. Dissection. Imagine yourself as Hannibal Lecter + Frankenstein.
Remove all the teddies’ innards and use it to create life.

Sacrificial teddies Dissection

3. Glue teddy’s innards to the lantern. Haphazardly as possible to give the cloud its unique identity.

Lantern with teddy's innards

Glue the cotton to the lantern using a glue gun. Be creative.

4. Now stuff the heart of the light into the innards-laden-lantern!

Attach HEMMA to the cloud light

5. Finally, hang this glorious pendant light.

DIY a cloud light

See the complete tutorial here.

~ by William Choo<