Cushion Covers for IKEA High Chair

I’m a first time mother and sewing enthusiast. When my son started solids and using his high chair I was amazed at how many times I had to wash the cushion cover after his artistic attempts at eating food for the first time. (Honestly, at 14 months he still makes an impressive mess).

Out of frustration, grew a brilliant idea to sew additional covers for the Pyttig inflatable cushion as a way to make washing less stressful. I also saw this as an opportunity to jazz up the chair with some funky fabrics. A cool way to decorate for 1st birthdays, cake smashes, photo shoots, Christmas, & Easter etc.

IKEA items used: ANTILOP High Chair, PYTTIG support pillow and cover

ikea high chair antilop and pyttig padding

I make them out of 100% cotton so they comfortable and gentle on bubs skin, while being super easy to wash.  The base is closed with plastic snaps instead of a zip or velcro so it won’t rust or get snagged in the wash.

IKEA High Chair cushion design - monochrome-rain-clouds

IKEA High Chair cushion design - purple-playful-animals

IKEA High Chair cushion design - tribal-fox

IKEA High Chair cushion design - watercolour

I’ve attached a few variations to show how much it changes the look of the high chair as well as one of my IKEA hack test pilot, Kingsley.

IKEA High Chair cushion tester - Kingsley

You can view more designs on my Etsy.

~ by Cass Wilson (Queensland, Australia)

Here’s another brilliant idea for the IKEA High Chair

Themed placemats!

Just goes to prove that being a kid is all fun and games.

IKEA High Chair - themed placemats

IKEA High Chair - themed placemats

Jules Yap