Kitchenette with IKEA Kallax

We were a bit short on storage and countertop space in the kitchen. So I started thinking about adding inexpensive storage and also to carve out a space for the microwave.

After various considerations, I decided to create a suitable solution based on the IKEA KALLAX shelving unit.

This is how the finished solution looks like.

Kitchenette with IKEA Kallax

Below is a brief description of the tricks and adjustments needed to implement the solution using simple IKEA parts.

Kitchenette Base unit

The base unit consists of a 2×2 IKEA KALLAX shelf in white, an IKEA ELVARLI (80x51cm) bamboo shelf and four furniture feet (furniture foot set Alpha 80 – 150 mm).

First, I assembled the IKEA Kallax unit, installing only the horizontal shelf and divider beneath it. As a result, I have a large upper section for the microwave.

Then I screwed on furniture feet. Here I simply used the screws from the IKEA KALLAX. In order for these to fit through the holes in the furniture feet, the holes had to be drilled out a bit.

leg installation

Finally, the worktop consisting of an IKEA ELVARLI (80x51cm) bamboo shelf. I placed it on top of the KALLAX unit and fastened it from below through the KALLAX top with four screws. Absolutely sufficient.

bamboo worktop

The doors for two compartments were mounted according to the IKEA instructions and without any adjustments.

The finished result looks like this:

Kitchenette with IKEA Kallax

Kitchenette Wall unit

An IKEA Kallax 3×1 shelving unit in white was chosen for the upper cabinet. In order to hang the shelf securely against the wall, I decided to install so-called bed fittings in all four outer corners of the shelf. The bed fittings were attached by screws to the places intended for the IKEA anti-tipper. For this purpose, the bed fittings had to be drilled in the appropriate places. In addition, additional screws were used. Here, however, it has been found that drilling into spots other than those intended for anti-tipping do not really last. Therefore, the bed fittings used here in retrospect are a bit oversized. Somewhat smaller bed fittings or simple angles would probably be sufficient.

kitchenette wall unit

After the bed fittings were installed, the shelf could be mounted on the wall. Get a few friends to help you hold it up against the wall, and mark the drill holes. Use a leveller to get it straight. Set down the shelf and drill holes in the wall. We used 8x80mm hexagon screws to fix the fittings. Washers would be recommended.

So the shelf looked like after assembly:

kitchenette wall unit

The installation of the doors for the two outer compartments was a bit more complex, since the bed fittings are a bit in the way. In order for the inserts to fit, corresponding recesses had to be filed and recesses made for the wall screws.

wall unit doors

wall unit doors

Mounted insert with recesses:

wall unit doors mounted

After installing the doors, the whole thing looks like this:

Kitchenette with IKEA Kallax

Kitchenette with IKEA Kallax

The structure of the cabinet was very simple and went quickly by the hand. The wall unit with the bed fittings as a secure mounting took a bit more effort and time (~ 2 hours).

As for tools, a drill with appropriate drill bits and various wood files were used. A ratchet was used to tighten the hexagon screws.

~ by Christoph

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