KRALLAX – the toddler mid-sleeper bed

This is a KRITTER mid-sleeper bed and two KALLAX units underneath, the steps are made from BILLSÅSEN picture ledges. We used two green ledges which came from two separate packs but you could buy just one pack and use different coloured ones. We put DRÖNA storage boxes and FLARRA drawers under the bed to provide storage.

KRITTER mid-sleeper bed


From IKEA we bought:

  • KRITTER mid-sleeper bed (had it for years)
  • 2 white KALLAX 2×2 units
  • 2 BILLSÅSEN picture ledge packs
  • 4 DRÖNA boxes
  • 2 FLARRA drawer inserts.

We needed a bed for our 7 year old that offered some storage but wouldn’t take up any more floor space than a toddler bed. She’s been in the KRITTER mid-sleeper bed for years and is no where near outgrowing it.

KRALLAX - the toddler mid-sleeper bed

Firstly, we cut off the legs of the KRITTER. We put masking tape over the legs to help prevent the white laminate being damaged as we sawed. We kept the legs to use later as a support for the steps.

Next we built the two KALLAX units. Resting the bed onto the two KALLAX we used L-shaped brackets to attach the inside of the bed frame to the top of the KALLAX.

KRALLAX - the toddler mid-sleeper bed

We then attached the BILLSÅSEN picture ledges onto the outside of on of the KALLAX units, following the instruction manual like a floating shelf. We then cut small lengths of the discarded legs and screwed them underneath the ledges to give extra support. Finally we screwed into the ledges from the inside of the KALLAX to make them really secure.

KRALLAX - the toddler mid-sleeper bed

I used some white paint to touch up the edges and give it a neater finish.

The ledges were really secure and she finds it really easy to get up and down.

I then sewed a cover for the bed head so that the KRITTER headboard pattern was covered up, just to give it a more grown up feel for my daughter.

~ by Becky Joyce