Here’s an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

This is an IKEA hack of a 3-in-1 shed functioning as a privacy screen, planting station and balcony garden storage.

List of items for our balcony garden storage:

  • 1 IVAR cabinet (we used the 20″ deep)
  • 2 IVAR side units (the same depth as the cabinet, the height depends on your balcony height)
  • 1 OBSERVATOR cross brace
  • nylon thread
  • planters, soil and climbing plants

Last spring we moved in an apartment that has a glass balcony. Nice for light and views but not so much for privacy.

To isolate the view from the neighbours we needed a screen; at the same time I wanted a storage space to hide away the clutter that would otherwise been visible from the street. IVAR to the rescue!

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

The idea is to use an IVAR cabinet as balcony garden storage, while the the posts of the side units are used to thread a mesh for climbing plants.

Instructions for balcony garden storage:

1. First, assemble the IVAR, cabinet at the bottom. Leave the upper part without any shelves. Use a cross behind the cabinet for stability. (In the picture below the growing plants are still small.)

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

2. Use a sturdy nylon thread to create a mesh at the upper rear side of the unit. I fixed the thread at one side with a simple knot, then I zig-zagged going up and down the upper part of the posts. Fix the end with another solid knot.

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

Use some force while tightening the thread as it also serves to bring the two posts together to keep them parallel (these tend to splay as there are no upper shelves) .

3. Select your planters and fill them with soil. I have set a big one on the floor beside the cabinet with enough soil to have the climbing plants grow tall.

4. Plant fast-growing climbing plants according to climate and sunshine. In my case I used jasmine and hop in the big planter. On the cabinet I set a small planter with already grown Rocktrumpets. You will have to “help” the climbing plants at the beginning by fixing them at the bottom of the thread mesh.

Customize your balcony garden storage

5. Customize the interior of the garden storage cabinet according to your needs. I used two shelves for storage and added hooks for the gardening tools.

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

I also added some hooks on the side of the posts to keep scissors out of reach of the kids.

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storageAnd voilà!

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

We had the balcony garden storage for a few months now and I am very happy with it. We did not paint it nor waterproof it as we liked the idea of raw wood.

If you want a more durable option you can easily treat the cabinet with oil, sealant or paint before step 1. I imagine this hack would be perfect with the new metallic cabinet as well.

I use the top of the cabinet as working space to pot the plants. The shed has also become the favourite observation deck for our cat 🙂 She spends hours hidden in the leaves spying birds.

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

Here is how our garden storage will look with the nylon threads. (Photo is a proposed path of the nylon threads)

Here's an IKEA idea for balcony garden storage

~ by Francesca, Lausanne, Switzerland

Jules Yap