Hackers Help: Filling a gap between kitchen cabinet and wall

Hi all! I have an IKEA METOD kitchen that I adore, but I have this annoying gap between kitchen cabinet and wall, that currently holds no function.

I want to fill this gap with something useful.

My original idea was a pull-out pantry on wheels, but everything is crooked in that kitchen.

And I quickly realized I was way in over my head with that idea.

Now I’m thinking a simple open cabinet design with space for my cookbooks might be a better use.

My current plan is to buy an IKEA cabinet and shorten it width-wise to 13 cm, so it fits in the gap. But how do I do that?

Would you try and recreate the dowel holes or just attach them together using screws? And which cabinet do I buy? Here are the current contenders:

#1. METOD 20x60x80, classic base cabinet:
IKEA METOD base cabinet to fill gap between kitchen cabinet and wall

METOD base cabinet | IKEA.com

Thoughts: It’s cheap, and similar to the rest of the base cabinets, but it may be overly deep for cookbooks, and the metal bars might be tough to shorten.

#2 METOD 20x37x80, classic wall cabinet:
IKEA METOD wall cabinet to fill gap between kitchen cabinet and wall

METOD wall cabinet | IKEA.com

Thoughts: The cheapest option, no metal bars, easy to adjust shelves.

#3 HÖRDA 20x37x80:


Thoughts: The most expensive solution. “Prettier” (doesn’t have the holes). Shelves seems fixed?

Which would you choose? And how do I go about shortening them? Or would You do something entirely different? This has been sitting for 2 years now – IKEA hackers help!


Some specs:
  • The kitchen is METOD with off-white GRYTNÄS cabinets.
  • The gap is 13cm(+/-) and sits between a sink cabinet and a wall that is very irregular.
  • The countertop is extra deep (+11cm), which means that the current lower cabinets hangs on a wooden beam attached to the wall.


Hi Patricia

I adore my METOD kitchen too.

If I were you, I would go about filling the gap between kitchen cabinet and wall with the METOD wall cabinet.

Like you said, it’s cheap and not too deep for books. It is also easiest to resize to the right dimensions.

IKEA METOD wall cabinet

METOD wall cabinet | IKEA.com

A circular saw would give you the best results. Failing which, you can use a jigsaw. Always use a sharp blade.

Measure the top and bottom panel and 2 shelves and mark where you want to cut. Use masking tape along the cut line to reduce splitting.

After cutting, sand down the cut edges. 

As for recreating the dowel holes, that will depend on your woodworking skills. If you do not feel confident about it, then just screw the frame and shelves in, after determining the best height for your books. You can always cover up the holes with the VARIERA cover caps.

I can’t be sure but you may have enough scrap material from the discarded pieces to create a toe-kick for the front and back of the cabinet. This will help prop the wall cabinet to the same height as your METOD base cabinet.

Then just slide the cabinet in and caulk the edges if you want a more polished finish.

I hope that helps.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,