Change a JANSJÖ table lamp to a ceiling LED spotlight

LED spotlight IKEA Jansjo hack

The JANSJÖ is a nice design, energy efficient and cheap lamp, which I wanted to hack into a LED spotlight. It wasn’t very hard, if you know what you’re doing. It took about an hour’s work and about €1,50 for additional components. The bonus point is the mains unit fits nicely into the foot. But before you embark on this hack, 3 things! Safety, safety, safety. Mains voltage is deadly. Bad connections cause fire.

IKEA items used:



  • Hot melt glue gun
  • Common tools like Saw, Screwdriver, Drill

How to hack the JANSJÖ LED table lamp to an LED spotlight

Part 1 : Dismantle

Dismantle the mains connection unit: take the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) out of its housing.

Keep some wire length on the low voltage side. (black wires in my case).

Mains unit housing and the switch are now obsolete

Dismantle the LED light armature.

Remove the ballast weight from the foot.

Part 2: Prepare

Prepare three pieces of wood or likewise isolating material:

– one piece is not too thick for the middle to allow you to screw the flexible arm onto it. Drill holes in this piece upfront. Measure the distance of the two screws of the flexible arm. Add an additional hole for the supply leads to the lamp.

– Two pieces with the thickness of the inside of the foot. Do not drill upfront.

Change a JANSJÖ table lamp to a LED spotlight

Part 3: Hack!

Solder the lamp low voltage wires to the PCB.

Screw the mains wires of the PCB to the luster terminal.

Optionally connect a 20 mm, 230V VDR (Varistor, See picture) parallel to the mains. This will elongate the life-time of the electronics, especially in countries with overhead mains supply wires.

VDR (Disc-Varistor)
VDR (Disc-Varistor)

Mount the PCB, the luster terminal and the pieces of wood with hot melt.

Make sure the low voltage wires can NEVER come near to the mains wire. I pre-fixed the wires with a pieces of tape, before end-fixing them with hot melt.

Change a JANSJÖ table lamp to a LED spotlight

Drill holes from the outside part of the armature’s foot, through the pieces of wood with e.g. a 4,5 mm drill (see photo above, I kept the drill bit in, in order to illustrate this). You might want to measure the distances of the bolts in the “central stuffing box” in the ceiling. In my project, I used the largest distance, in order to screw outside the ceiling unit

Central stuffing box
Central stuffing box (Dutch model)

Disconnect the mains voltage. Verify the mains voltage is disconnected at your ceiling unit.

Wear isolating shoes, try not to work with two hands. Have an assistant present to guard you work.

Mains voltage across the human body is instantaneously deadly.

Now the lamp can be connected to the mains wires of the ceiling unit. Optionally with additional pieces of wire (see the white wire in the picture).

Screw the JANSJÖ LED spotlight to your ceiling.

The bottom plate is not needed for ceiling mounting. This version is however NOT suitable for wet rooms or outside or room with temperature changes. Any condensation water inside the unit would be a hazard for fire or electrocution.

Change a JANSJÖ table lamp to a LED spotlight

Change a JANSJÖ table lamp to a LED spotlight

~ by Hans Driessen


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