Hackers Help: Corner cat tree out of IVAR shelving – is it possible?

Hi there,

We have two cats who desperately need a) their own ‘space’ and b) a way to look out of some of our windows. They’re all in weird spots and/or too high up that putting a normal piece of furniture there won’t work.

I’ve been looking for months at various cat trees but they’re either ugly, too heavy, cost way too much or all of the above. Then I came across the below photo the other day of a corner cat tree.

It’s very clearly made out of IVAR shelving, which I’m familiar with (we have multiple IVAR setups in different locations in our home!). It looks like it would be exactly what I need – customizable, adjustable shelving, not too heavy so easy to move around.

Corner cat tree out of IVAR shelving
Photo: Pinterest

However, some of the reviews on IKEA.com state that the corner shelving is terribly unstable without any side shelving attached to it, which would completely defeat the purpose of my project.

The photo looks like the unit is using the 48″ height side units, which is the size I would use, so it wouldn’t be very tall. It also has two brackets in the back, which I’m hoping would be enough but am not 100%.

Can any readers provide some insight as to if this corner cat tree setup would truly be possible, without adding any side shelving? It also needs to be able to stand truly on its own – I don’t want to have to mount it, because then I can’t move it around the house.

Thank you.

~ Shannon

Jules Yap