Hackers Help: KALLAX bedframe – need kingsize ideas

I found a lot of ideas for the KALLAX bedframe I would like to try. But for more storage, I would like to use the bigger KALLAX (ie. 8 instead of 4 sections). I haven’t found many hacks for that — would you say it is possible to build this free-standing with some support or is the double-KALLAX too unstable for a Kingsize bed?

I was going to use 2 KALLAX (2 x 4 sections) and 2 KALLAX (2 x 2 sections) with some empty space for access to the storage underneath. Ideally just with some support beams rather than secured to the wall — is this possible?

Also, to be able to move it better, would it be best to have a platform underneath the shelves (as in, on the floor), or would this be worse on the carpet?

Thank you so much for any hints and tips,

~ by scotlandjenny


Hi Jenny

You’re in luck. A double KALLAX bedframe has been done before. See the details here.

Kallax bed
kallax bedframe

It was a Queen bed though, so I would suggest having some kind of support structure running down the middle of your Kingsize bed. Better be safe than crash down in the middle of the night, I’d say.

Make a support beam, taking a leaf from this hack.

Kallax queen size bedframe

Anchoring it to the wall is the safest best but a freestanding bed is possible. Given the width and height of a kingsized KALLAX bedframe, you would need to reinforce the structure as much as you can. Wooden braces at the head and foot are a good idea. If I’m following the hack above, I would add a beam along the bottom too, to reduce the chances of the KALLAX legs doing a split. 

kallax bedframe

Plywood instead of slats will work too.

Best of luck with your hack. Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


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