Low Rider Vinyl Record Shelf from IKEA TV unit

Low Rider Vinyl Record Shelf

I’m no handy-woman by any definition of the word, but with limited tools, I made this low vinyl record shelf work. It’s a 100% IKEA hack.

IKEA items used:
  • Screw Driver
  • Hammer

Steps for a low vinyl record shelf

Assemble BYÅS TV unit per IKEA instructions starting at step 8, finishing at step 24. Turning BYÅS upside down, attach 6 CAPITA brackets to base.

Space brackets evenly apart at your discretion (see photo), making sure to place 2 brackets in the middle for center support.

Low Rider Vinyl Record Shelf Low Rider Vinyl Record Shelf

Gently tap CAPITA screws (4 per bracket) in place with a hammer to start and then finish turning with a screw driver. Attach legs to brackets per CAPITA instructions steps 3 thru 4. Stand BYAS on legs and you are finished.

When I originally hacked the shelf I used 6″ CAPITA legs, but they are no longer available at IKEA. They do have 4.5″ CAPITA legs that max out at 5 inches. There are other leg options if you’d like more height (GODMORGON, SULTAN, SILVERAN) or any sturdy bracketed leg purchased elsewhere.

Low Rider Vinyl Record Shelf

If you’d like to camouflage the holes where the BYAS shelves would have gone, I used Avery Removable All Purpose Labels (size .5″ x .75″) purchased at Walmart in the office supplies department and they seem to work fine until I have a better idea.

~ by Charity M.