Handy Sewing Trolley – RÅSKOG cart hack

So I started some sewing lessons this year. I feel like nowadays we need to learn some old traditions left by our grandmothers and learn how to buy fewer clothes and accessories and start to create more.

For this I had an idea, since I live in a small apartment and cannot own a proper sewing studio, how about I have all my sewing gear in a sweet little cart? I asked my fiancé for some help and together we took on this “Handy Sewing Trolley” project.

Handy Sewing Trolley - RÅSKOG cart hack

IKEA items used:

  • RÅSKOG trolley in grey
  • GRUNDTAL knife rack (discontinued – replaced by KUNGSFORS)
  • SUNNERSTA containers (as many as you want/need)
  • SY 15 pc sewing kit

Other materials and tools:

Handy Sewing Trolley Instructions:

So, this may seem very basic but it did have some tricks.

After assembling the RÅSKOG trolley according to the IKEA instructions, it’s time to put the knife rack on one of the sides of the cart.

For this, you will need a long screw in order to replace the one originally from the cart, on the top of the rack. Then attach the downside of the rack with Velcro tape, taping it around the carts “arm” as you can see in the picture below.

This magnetic knife rack is from the good old GRUNDTAL line but is no longer available. However, you can find a replacement item from a new line.

This rack will be very handy to carry all the big sewing scissors

Handy Sewing Trolley - RÅSKOG cart hack

After these steps, it’s time to decorate the sewing trolley and add all the sewing features and small storage. For this, we can hang the SUNNERSTA containers and the magnetic spice containers.

Handy Sewing Trolley - RÅSKOG cart hack

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Now, let’s decorate with some cute magnets and store all the sewing material from the SY kit. On the top of the cart, I sat my Overlock Sewing Machine which is just the right size for these trolley shelves.

I’m now thinking about getting a few KUGGIS boxes to store all my thread tubes so they don’t get dusty.

This Sewing Trolley cost us about 75$ (overlock sewing machine not included) to get everything we needed.

I hope you liked this hack! It will take about 45-60 minutes to get it all together (that magnetic rack is realllyyyyy tricky 🙂 but if we could do it, so can you!

~ Beatriz, Portugal.