DIY Kraft Paper Holder and Dispenser

Kraft paper holder dispenser

I was looking at buying a Kraft paper holder to hang my paper roll in my newly decorated office but it was $250. I didn’t want to spend that much and inspiration hit me when I was wondering through IKEA.

 DIY Kraft Paper Holder and Dispenser

IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:

Instructions for DIY Kraft paper holder

1. Simply buy a roll of kraft paper.

2. Insert the pole through the roll to measure the correct width.

3. Cut the pole down to size.

4. Hang curtain rod as per IKEA instructions.

 DIY Kraft Paper Holder and Dispenser

The hack took hardly any time at all. Probably half an hour all up. It cost $15 in Australian dollars when I did the hack but the price has since come down to $11 and in USD it’s $8.96. Kraft paper not included.

The hardest part of this hack was cutting the curtain rod down although my husband made short work of it with his power tools

See the full tutorial of this Kraft paper holder on my blog.

~ by Marisa Simeone

Jules Yap