Easy DIY dressing table with drawer storage

rose gold dressing table

We decided to hack the KULLEN chest of drawers to add a unique aesthetic to a common item. The total cost of our rose gold dressing table came under £100. What we love most is the contrast of the rose gold against the white.


  • Drawers: IKEA Kullen x 2
  • Worktop: B&Q (200cm x 40cm)
  • Acrylic Vinyl: Amazon (Rose Gold)
  • Mirror: Amazon (60cm)
  • Stool: Amazon
  • Accessories: Primark

How to hack your rose gold dressing table:

Assemble IKEA KULLEN chest of drawers. Before inserting the drawers wrap the dividers with the acrylic vinyl. Insert the drawers. Secure worktop across the two dressers using screws or adhesive tape. Complete with mirror, stool and accessories.

rose gold dressing table

~ by Danny Cooper