Help with floating laundry station out of kitchen cabinets

IKEA items used:

SEKTION Kitchen system


Has anyone hacked SEKTION base kitchen cabinets into a movable “floating” island before (not attached to the wall or floor)? I want to add a counter and storage next to my stackable washer and dryer in my laundry room. Per my planning, the base will be made up of one 24 x 24 and one 15 x 24 cabinet (total width 39″).

Help with floating laundry station out of kitchen cabinets

The issue is I can’t permanently attach the base cabinets to anything because the emergency floor drain (code requirement) is in the way. There would be enough room under the cabinets for water to flow into the drain. However, there is not enough room under the cabinet for the drain to be “in full view” and “accessible” for maintenance (also code). So whatever I do, it needs to be self-supporting and relatively easy to move for an inspector or contractor.

A couple of quick asides:

  • Please trust me when I say side by side washer and dryers with a counter and upper cabinets is not a good alternative.
  • I can’t attach base cabinets to the walls because the counter will cut across the water supply and electrical outlet boxes.
  • Yes, this is a very poorly designed room!

~ by Jesse K


Hi Jesse

I understand the frustration of having an awkward room.

While I have not seen a tutorial on a movable SEKTION base cabinet specifically, it can be freestanding. The kitchen island in my old apartment was freestanding and not fastened to the floor (though that is IKEA’s recommended step) or wall. It can certainly be pushed against the wall. But it was heavy and moving it was not a one person job.

Help with floating laundry station out of kitchen cabinets

I used 2 base cabinets (METOD in my case) and countertop to wrap them on 3 sides. A waterfall countertop may not be necessary for you. I used the shallower base cabinets (14 3/4″) to create the breakfast bar. For your purposes, you can use the full depth (24″).

You’ll need to get IKEA’s kitchen island assembly kit to make it happen. Take a look at the assembly instructions. I think you’ll pretty much understand how it’s done.

Omit Step 9, where the supports are fastened to the ground.

Help with floating laundry station out of kitchen cabinets

Adding heavy duty furniture sliders on the underside of the legs and supports may make it easier to move.

Hope that helps and good luck on the project.

Happy hacking,