Hackers Help: Doors for BILLY corner unit?

Has anyone managed to put a door onto the corner unit of a corner BILLY bookcase? (The unit that sits at a 45-degree angle.)

billy corner unit


~ by W.


Hi W.

If you’re referring to the old BILLY corner unit, pictured below, I doubt that you can fix a door to it.

Source: Gumtree

If you mean the new style of corner units, joined by BILLY corner hardware, (pictured below), you’ll need to add a spacer on both sides of the corner unit as discovered by MechaWrecka in this forum. This clearance will allow the doors to be opened. But with this spacer, you will not be able to use the original BILLY corner hardware.


Anyone else has any other ideas?

If you find a better solution to it, W., let us know.

Happy hacking,