So scary! Frightfully clever and easy Halloween ideas

Halloween may be fun — the decor, costumes, food. But it’s also a lot of blood, sweat, and toil, which may be the scariest bit, to be honest. So I turn to IKEA because they always have such fabulously frightful ideas. Looking at their archives, I found these easy-to-recreate Halloween ideas that make a big impact with minimal effort.

Halloween ideas from IKEA

Halloween ideas from IKEA

For your Halloween table, try dip-dyeing a white table cloth in red coloring, then shred or cut the sides for a wicked ragged look. Over the table, hang a broom made out of a tree branch and twigs. Remember to use fine sprays of fake cobwebs to spook the place up. To notch things up, stuff a pair of stockings with cotton and tie them together across the broom. Now, don’t they look like dismembered body parts? Perhaps some red dye as blood will add to the chill factor.

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The pride of place is, of course, reserved for the guest of honour — Count Dracula. His head is made from a soft ball wrapped in white cloth. The body of the Count is a cone from IKEA’s LATTJO throwing game. The final touch is to wrap him up in a trademark black cape.

Halloween ideas from IKEA

Now on to the fun part — the ghastly menu.

Halloween ideas from IKEA

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Watch the kids squeal as you serve them a blood-colored soup. The eyeballs, reminiscent of Indiana Jones’ dinner of doom, are made from mozzarella balls and pimiento-stuffed olives. What I love most are the super creepy green fingers, crawling up from beneath the plate to grab your dinner. They are made from a simple shortbread recipe with added green food colouring. The nails are almonds! Genius. I’ll never look at an almond the same again.

Halloween ideas from IKEA

For dessert, jelly with more eyeballs, packed in IKEA RAJTAN spice jars! Yums.

The full details of these IKEA Halloween ideas can be found here.

Lastly, let me squeeze in this one last Halloween idea – Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The movie could be the best thing to watch while the kids go trick a treating. In the meantime, have a laugh at this parody.

Jules Yap