You complete me: The FULLÄNDAD meets EMPTYÄNDAD

We loved the shape of the FULLÄNDAD, as the tapered edge goes right into the corners of our pots. We looked around the kitchen department to see if there was a matching slotted spoon, one with drainage holes. Alas, no joy. Therefore we decided to make our own.

We love that now we have a strong durable slotted spoon that works to get even the last pea out of the bottom of the pot!

IKEA items:

How we made the EMPTYÄNDAD slotted spoon

We bought two FULLÄNDAD, one to use as is, and the other to hack into the “EMPTYÄNDAD”.

Our equipment consisted simply of a drill with 1/8” / 3 mm bit, and a cutting board to protect our work surface.

First, determine how far apart you want the drain holes in your spoon to be. You want them to be far enough apart so the spoon is still strong enough to use effectively, but not so far apart that you won’t get enough drainage.

Then drill the holes! You might also want to use a small jeweller file or sandpaper to finish the edges and remove shavings.

Making of the slotted spoon


Making of the slotted spoon


Making of the slotted spoon

After – EmptyÄndad

Making of the slotted spoon

The set.

This item costs so little to begin with, and since we already had the drill at home there was no additional cost to this hack. It took only minutes!

We are thrilled with this hack.

~ by Ron and Joy

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