Hackers Help: Mix IKEA BEHANDLA white & black for grey?

Behandla glazing paint mix

I have been an IKEA addict since 1988 when I first visited IKEA in Falls Church, VA. I have a question about finishing a TARVA dresser; looking for an answer to my question is how I found IKEAhackers.

Behandla glazing paint mix

IKEA sells BEHANDLA stain/ paint in black, white and blue. I am wondering if anyone has ever mixed the black and white together to get a grey? Was it successful and how did it look on the pine?

~ by Bonnie


Hi Bonnie

I’ve not mixed them before so I can’t be sure. But getting a grey from black and white sounds logical.

The BEHANDLA is a glaze which makes the surface of untreated wood more durable. The coloured finish will become deeper and more opaque with each additional  coat of glazing paint. So you may not need to mix a very deep shade of grey to get the tone you want.

A glaze has a few different characteristics from stain. With a glaze, the color pigments sit on top of the wood, unlike pigments in stain which penetrates into the wood. Generally, glazes do not need a topcoat, while some stains may require it. 

I found this photo from Instagram and it shows varying shades of grey, so we know it’s possible with BEHANDLA.  

If you do mix it successfully, do let us know and show us the outcome.

Perhaps some other IH reader may be able to shed light on this?