Screen with greens: Make an Indoor Plant Room Divider

This is our hack of the PINNIG coat rack and shoe bench into an indoor plant room divider. Which we now call “The Pinnig Sprout Screen”.


We have always wanted a room divider to have clear demarcation between the living room and dining area.

And we’ve looked through countless number of dividers, which are beautiful, but somehow lacking in character and individualisation.

After months of trawling through countless furniture stores, we finally decided to make our own. Instead of asking a contractor to erect a feature divider or buying a ready-made divider, I wanted to challenge myself to create a one of a kind indoor plant room divider. It will also serve as a mini garden.

After scouring the net for inspiration, I finally sketched out a draft room divider that consists of mostly items from IKEA. Then, we embarked on this DIY trip, full of enthusiasm and a prayer that it’ll turn out like what we’ve always wanted.

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen

IKEA items used and other materials:
    • PINNIG coat rack with shoe storage bench x 1
    • HEKTAR wall clamp spotlight x 2
    • FEJKA artificial plant x 1
    • OBSERVATÖR clip on basket x 2
    • BITTERGURKA plant pot x 2
    • TJENA storage boxes with lid x 2
    • Metal hanging pendant x 3
    • Wire mesh frame x 3
    • Velcro strips
    • Cable ties

How we put together our indoor plant room divider:

1. First and foremost, we ran through a long list of items on the IKEA Singapore website. The goal was to find a tall and wide enough structure that can provide the function of a divider.

Instead of settling for ready made dividers such as from the VEBERÖD and KALLAX series, I decided to think out of the box. Be brave and go for the PINNIG coat rack!

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen
PINNIG coat rack shoe bench |

My wife wasn’t totally convinced of my choice. But after looking at my tireless enthusiasm, she relented and agreed! Yeeeay! With the hardest part over, I began the process.

Adding lights to our indoor plant room divider

2. To make it an indoor plant friendly room divider, I purchased 2 HEKTAR wall/ clamp lights to provide just enough lighting for the indoor plants to thrive.

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen

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As I envisioned it to be a room divider and mini garden, I purchased a couple of BITTERGURKA plant pots to house the potted plants.

3. Last to go from my IKEA shopping list are a couple of OBSERVATÖR clip on baskets and black TJENA storage boxes with lids for storage purposes. I bought them to provide ample storage space for miscellaneous items such as fertilizer, spade, newspaper etc.

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen

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4. Now, on to the construction process.

To enable lights to be fixed onto the PINNIG coat rack, I decided to do without the upper hook fixtures. In their place, I secured the 2 HEKTAR wall clamp lights instead. The aesthetics of these lights blend in perfectly with the PINNIG rack to give the whole structure a seamless look!

“Wow! I must be lucky”, I whispered to myself!

To keep the divider lines “clean”, I tidied up the wires by securing them with Velcro strips and run them along the side of the rack to make it look neat.

5. To realise the vision of an indoor plant room divider, we got ourselves some indoor potted and air plants. The potted plants were placed in the beautiful BITTERGURKA plant pots whereas the air plants go to the hanging pendants.

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen

We used fishing lines to hold up the hanging pendants so that they won’t be visible. On the other hand, the FEJKA artificial plants were draped over the wire mesh boards to create a “vine” effect around them.

Storage boxes and baskets to keep things tidy

6. With the mini garden concept slowly coming to a fruition, we added both the TJENA storage boxes with lids and OBSERVATÖR clip on baskets to provide ample storage space to make the whole structure look clean and uncluttered.

Pheeew …! Definitely an awesome and handsome solution to store away those gardening tools!

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Personalisation as the final touch

7. With the project almost 90% completed, it was time for personalisation. We decided to inject a little character to the newly christened “The Pinnig Sprout Screen” FKA (formerly known as) coat rack. ?

Using black cable ties, we secured three black wire mesh boards to the divider to allow us to add our family photos and also favourite quotes!

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen

8. Tadaa! We’re extremely proud and happy how this project had turned out! On top of being a one of a kind indoor plant room divider for our place, it snugs nicely into our home concept! The mini garden is looking great and it gives me the opportunity to work on my hobby!

Indoor plant room divider aka The Pinnig Sprout Screen

9. The whole process, from research, drafting, shopping (the wife’s favourite part!) and execution took about a week to complete.

Upon reflection, the hardest part of this project was … convincing the wife to improvise the PINNIG coat rack into a room divider instead of just getting a ready made one!

However, after all is done and dusted, she and a bunch of our guests adore the one of a kind product! Happy wife, happy life!

~ by Mohamad Zahrin Omar