Hackers Help: Trouble sliding in BILLY backing board?

IKEA BILLY backer board

Has anyone else had trouble with the new backing board design for BILLY bookcases?

I am assembling eight of them. Four and a bit down.

IKEA BILLY backer board

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The hardest part is getting that stupid backing board on! Not only is it about 2mm too narrow, the folded design makes it incredibly difficult to slide in. It bows, it wobbles, it won’t stay in the grooves. I wonder did any if their so called design geniuses ever try assembling one on their own?

Does anyone have any assembly hacks to help?

~ by Ruth Davies


Hi Ruth

Sorry to hear of your issues with the BILLY backing board.

I’ve not recently assembled a BILLY, so can’t comment on the 3 panel backing board and whether it is easy to install.

But if the backing board appears too narrow, do check whether the BILLY sides are fully tightened against the horizontal top, middle and bottom panels? If there is some slack, it would become too wide for the boards. Make sure there are no gaps.

Billy backer board

Other than that, I can’t think of any other reason why the grooves won’t hold them as they should.

To help with the bowing as you slide the backing board in

With the BILLY faced down on the floor, pile some books in the two empty sections up to the level of the grooves. The books will support the board as you slide it in and stop them from caving in the middle section.

Method number 2: Get someone to help you. Insert about an inch of the top end of the board into the groove. Have your partner hold up the top section of the board at the two folds, being careful to keep the board in the grooves. Your partner should step backwards as you push the board forward.

Then finish with nails to keep the board in place.

Let us know how you solve this.


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Jules Yap