Hackers Help: Will KARLSTAD slipcover fit NORSBORG sofa?

slipcover resize

Does anyone know if a KARLSTAD sectional slipcover will fit or could be hacked / resized to fit a NORSBORG sectional?

KARLSTAD in Rouge Emerald slipcover
IKEA KARLSTAD sectional | Comfort-Works.com
NORSBORG sectional | IKEA.com

~ by Anne


Hi Anne

The KARLSTAD sectional is larger than the NORSBORG, so technically, there should be enough material to cover the NORSBORG. (Do note the KARLSTAD arms are slimmer than the NORSBORG, so the arm covers may not fit.)

Personally, I won’t attempt to resize a new slipcover from an old one. Maybe because I can’t sew to save my life. But I imagine it’ll need a ton of work to make it fit well AND look good. Perhaps someone with better sewing skills will think this a cinch. If so, please do share how it can be done.

#1 Resize a too big slipcover

If you still want a removable slipcover, you can try to resize the KARLSTAD. Here’s a step by step guide.

Basically, what you need to do is turn the slipcover inside out and drape it over your NORSBORG frame.

Smoothen the fabric as much as possible. Then, using straight pins, pinch any loose fabric so that it fits the new NORSBORG shape better. Once you’ve got it all pinned, stitch it up.

Turn the slipcover right side out and test for fit. You’ll probably need to do this a few times till you get it snug and falling smoothly. When you’re satisfied, turn it over again and cut away the excess fabric.

Do the same with the cushions, pinning the 3 sides away from the zipper. Sew up the sections you’ve pinned.

#2 Reupholster to fit

If non-removable is an option, you can staple the KARLSTAD fabric directly onto the NORSBORG frame, using a staple gun for upholstery. Tuck and pull the fabric taut before stapling it into the wood frame. Snip away excess fabric. Read this post for some reupholstery ideas. You’ll be left with the cushions to resize (see Option 1), which would be much easier.

So that’s my thoughts on slipcover resizing.

Do share with us if you successfully resize your slipcover.

Happy hacking,