Large rabbit hutch: A simple DIY project for your bunny

WARNING: Readers have commented that this set-up is UNSUITABLE for rabbits, due to its size and material. For rabbit habitat requirements, please check out the following link for indoor rabbit housing requirements.

I made a 3-level indoor large rabbit hutch using a KALLAX storage unit from IKEA. 


Instructions for DIY large rabbit hutch

First, I used a jigsaw to saw the holes on the shelves before assembling the unit. As for the size of the holes, I based them on the diameter of the PVC pipe I was going to use in Step 2.

Second, I cut short pieces of PVC piping to reinforce the holes. These, I glued and siliconed into the holes.

Then, I assembled the KALLAX unit as per instructions. 

For the front, I nailed the mesh with galvanised nails.

large rabbit hutch IKEA hack DIY

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The bottom level

At the bottom level, where I placed the KALLAX door inserts, I sawed a hole at the side of the insert to allow an opening for the PVC pipe.

Then, I assembled the doors on the bottom as per IKEA instructions. 

The back

For the back, I drilled holes into two aluminium angles at the top and bottom, so I can slide in a piece of wood. This is so I can easily slide the back open for cleaning. I then screwed the angles to the top and the bottom. 

Not pictured here yet but I am going to connect the PVC hoses between top floor holes to ensure there isn’t too much of a drop when jumping down a level. 

Alternatively you could make the holes in the middle on the top floor off to the side so they don’t fall down a hole when jumping to the next section.

Hope the rabbit hutch is large enough for my bunnies. 

~ by Abigail