IKEA HEMNES built-in: Trim and moulding does wonders

ikea hemnes built in bookcase hack

Here’s how I made a wall to wall IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase.

It’s amazing what a little trim and moulding can do.

IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase
IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase
IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase

The project took me 3 days from start to finish. I’m very happy with how it turned out.


  • 3 HEMNES bookcase 90 cm wide
  • 2 HEMNES bookcase 50 cm wide
  • Crown moulding
  • Wood planks for trim
  • Baseboard
  • White paint

DIY IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase

I bought three HEMNES bookshelf 90 cm wide and two 50 cm wide.

If I push them all together the total width of the bookcases will measure 370 cm. However, the length of my wall is 384 cm.

So, I placed them slightly distanced from each other so the bookcases can span wall to wall. I made sure the spacing of the gaps were consistent between bookcases. I also slotted the smaller HEMNES bookcases between the larger ones for symmetry.

After getting the placements right, I made the first cut.

I sawed off the legs by a few centimeters so it would fit with the baseboard which is 95 mm high.

cutting the legs

With the IKEA HEMNES bookcases in position, I added the baseboard to the front. They were starting to look built-in already!

Then, I used crown moulding on top, spanning the entire length of the IKEA HEMNES bookshelves, to make them look like one big built-in bookcase.

IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase - crown moulding

And finally, I used my saw and router to make 6 pieces of trim to cover the gaps between the bookcases.

wood planks
DIY trim

After the routing was done, I sanded the wood down and cleaned off the saw dust. Then, I primed and painted the front of the trim pieces white to match the HEMNES bookcase.

IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase - adding trim

The last step was to fix the trim onto the HEMNES bookcases. And that’s was it, I finished the IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase.

IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase - trim

I’m thinking of adding some nice lamps on top of the bookcase. But at the moment, I can’t decide on one that I like. Any suggestions?

IKEA HEMNES built-in bookcase

The hardest part was putting all the books back in alphabetical order.

~ by Thomas

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