KALLAX TV bench that’s as eclectic as can be

A delightful smorgasbord of colours transforms this mobile KALLAX TV bench

The KALLAX unit was a bit boring for my taste, so I went ahead and painted it with acrylic paint.

IKEA items used:

KALLAX shelving unit

Other materials and tools: 

The making of my eclectic KALLAX TV bench

First, I drafted my painting plan on the KALLAX assembly sheet.

paint plan

After I had the preliminary plan, I started choosing paint colours for the finish.

acrylic paint

These were the acrylic colours I chose.

Then I started to painstakingly paint the entire KALLAX shelving unit according to my plan.

The smaller designs like the crosses were all done freehand with a brush.

For the striped and argyle design, I masked the areas to be painted with the painter’s tape before applying paint.

As for the tiger stripes on the red background I did that with a stencil.

First, I traced by hand a photograph of a tiger skin onto a craft sheet. The surface of the KALLAX was lightly sanded and treated with primer before I applied the paint.

I painted all the visible sections except the bottom, which will not be seen, unless you flip it over. With all the pieces done, I sealed them with a coat of transparent resin. I used a brush with synthetic bristles, as recommended in the instructions.

transparent resin

After the sealant has dried, the next step was to add castor wheels to the unit.

I used a drill driver, wood screws to secure two plywood planks to the two edges, to reinforce and strengthen the KALLAX.

castor wheel
adding wheels to KALLAX

Last step is to assemble it according to IKEA instructions.

Here’s the final form:

my eclectic KALLAX TV stand

A shelving unit transformed into a mobile KALLAX TV bench.

my eclectic KALLAX TV stand

~ by Maria Teresa Mema Carreri – MoiMema

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