Help me make an alternative STUVA loft bed stairs

loft bed stairs diy

Hiya! Can anyone recommend an alternative ladder / stairs solution to this STUVA FRITIDS loft bed?


STUVA FRITIDS loft bed |

In the store, the ladder was locked for safety so we couldn’t test it.

Now assembled at home, there’s only tip toe space for your feet making the ladder, which is totally vertical, quite challenging to use.




Hi Terri

The TROFAST staggered shelving unit seems to be loft bed ladder replacement of choice. They make a nice steady set of bunk or loft bed stairs. All you need to do is add bars and handrails for safety.

Here are a few tutorials you may find helpful:

The TROFAST lines up nicely with the KURA bed. However, the STUVA loft bed is much taller. So, you will need to figure out an additional landing step before the bed.

I found three possible options for you.

Option 1: STUVA cabinet

JMC used a STUVA cabinet combined with the TROFAST as the final step to reach the non-IKEA full height bunk bed. Read more here.

Option 2: TROFAST unit

Alternatively, you can use a taller TROFAST unit as the final step, alongside the staggered unit. The 5-bin TROFAST below measures 145cm in height. Cut the two sides down a mite if you want to lower the step.

TROFAST unit |

You’ll lose a bit of storage but you can still insert a shelf or shallower bin in. Do secure it to the TROFAST step unit. See this tutorial on a TROFAST sturdy stair conversion for details.

Option 3: DIY loft bed stairs

Lastly, you can build a ladder from scratch. You may be able to salvage the STUVA steps and attach them to the side posts of a new angled ladder.

Cost wise, this is probably the best way to go. Get the side planks cut at your local hardware shop, if you do not have the tools for it.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,