IKEA desk transformed into beauty vanity with storage

beauty vanity ikea hemnes

By installing a mirror in the background and adding some lateral lights we turned a boring writing desk into a ready-to-party big beauty vanity, full of storage.

IKEA items:
  • HEMNES desk with add-on unit
  • LEDSJÖ LED wall lamp
beauty vanity ikea

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Other materials:

IKEA beauty vanity – DIY

First, the desk.

Lightly sand the surfaces of the desk you want to paint and wipe off the dust.

Then, paint the parts you want in grey. You may need to do two coats. (IKEA also sells the HEMNES desk in a grey and black brown version, if you rather not paint)

Let it dry.

Then, wrap the table top with marble vinyl sticker. Be careful to wrap the corners nicely.

beauty vanity ikea hemnes

Secondly, the add-on unit.

If you wish, paint the small drawers and stick grey fabric onto the backer board, for a more uniformed look.

We omitted the slanted shelf for documents on the left section and the removable shelf in the middle and right section, as they weren’t useful for this purpose. But if they work for you, by all means, use them.

Next, measure the cavity of the add-on unit and get a mirror cut to size. Mount the mirror on to the backer board with strong mounting tape. We placed it resting on the raised edge, which helps take some of the weight.

Hemnes desk

HEMNES desk | IKEA.com

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Wire up the LEDSJÖ lights and install them to the side of the HEMNES add-on unit. The HEMNES desk does come with grommets for wiring, so that’s really handy.

We rested the flat base of the light on the desk and again, used mounting tape to stick the light to the side wall.

For the final touches, change out the knobs with fancy ones. And we installed LOTS mirrors above the beauty vanity for full effect.

~ by Daniela | Instagram