6 ideas to make your IKEA doormat a lot more welcoming

ikea doormat trampa

The IKEA TRAMPA doormat is one of the best around. It’s made from renewable material (coir fibers) and comes with a non-slip backing.

The plain coir doormat is so easy to keep clean too. Just shake it or vacuum the dust off.

IKEA doormat - TRAMPA plain coir doormat

Photo: Ashley’s Studio

Better yet, it’s super affordable. Only $4.99 for the small and $9.99 for the large.

And it can be easily made so much better. By that I mean, wittier, cheekier or prettier. Your pick.

Upgrades to the mat may take as little as 15 minutes. After that, you’ll be patting yourself on the back and wondering why you didn’t DIY earlier.

6 ideas for your IKEA TRAMPA coir doormat

#1 Bring on your own design
IKEA doormat - fall design

Photo: Handmade Weekly

Hannah of Handmade Weekly made a pretty fall leaves doormat to go with the season. She used a Vinyl Cutting Machine to create various leaf stencils.

After that she chose a range of Acrylic Paint in keeping with the season and applied them to the leaf stencils, interchanging the colours where they fit.

See the full tutorial here.

#2 Introduce your Mat
IKEA doormat - with words

Ashley added some personality to her IKEA doormat with a catchy phrase. She was torn between “Hi, I’m at Mat” and “Probably at Target”.

Ashley grabbed some letter stencils and used outdoor acrylic paint to embellish the mat.


Photo: Ashley’s Studio

She applied two coats of paint, with a brush. You’ll need to press the paint down onto the mat to get a crisp, strong print.

Here’s a quick video of Ashley personalizing her IKEA door mat. Check it out.

#3 Give it an unusual shape
IKEA doormat - cloud design

Photo: Gingered Things

This is an easy one from Gingered Things but this simple hack will separate your floor mat from all the other TRAMPAs.

All you have to do is draw the shape of a cloud (or any other shape you like) on to the back of mat. After that, use a box cutter to cut out the cloud/ shape. Last step is to line the shape with a color of your choice. Read more.

#4 Make it modern abstract
Modern abstract stencil on doormat

Photo: Curbly

Chris sketched his design on contact paper and used that as his stencil. He then spray painted the color onto the mat. Easy peasy. See more.

#5 Play with dual messages
coir welcome mat with dual messages

Photo: Lone Fox

Lone Fox wanted a mat that sent out the right messages when guests enter or exit the door. He freehanded the wordings but you can use letter stencils too. Watch the video. Project starts from 1:30.

No time to hack?
plain coir welcome mat with dual messages

Buy “Hey There, Take Care” doormat from Amazon (affiliate link)

#6 Make it festive
Christmas mat

Photo: Jami Ray Vintage

Jami made a Christmas mat with a pre-designed stencil and a stencil brush to apply the paint. The last step was to seal it with a clear coat to protect the mat from the elements. See her video tutorial.

What have you done with your IKEA doormat? Let us know in the comments below.