2-in-1 learning tower and high chair for older kids

learning tower high chair ikea step stool hack

This is a really easy hack of an IKEA BEKVÄM step stool into a learning tower high chair. Only a couple of steps, because the base items are so well suited for this conversion. 

We already know that this type of hack has a long history. But the thing is, we were not really familiar with the styles. So here is our version for our son.


This solution is only suitable for children who can stand and behave steady enough, to stay inside the given frame. (~20 months or older) A higher, fully framed version is under construction for younger kids.

learning tower high chair ikea bekvam step stool hack
Items used:
IKEA BEKVAM step stool

BEKVÄM step stool | IKEA.com

Additional items:

Our learning tower high chair hack

1. Build a stock BEKVÄM, without attaching its upper step. Set aside.

2. Then on the second BEKVÄM, cut both the sides, according to the picture. (part 1 and 2)

Making the cuts

The elbow like section should be cut off entirely. But the other, straight section may be left there, depending on your needs.

But please, be aware of the following: In our case the cut was made at 90cm above ground, so the whole tower can be placed under our worktop.

With this measurement, the top edge of the part labelled No. 3 is on the same level as the cut sides. And the frame’s spread is almost the same as the original BEKVÄM’s. So basically this is the symmetric solution which can produce a neat hourglass shape.  

3. Cut the second BEKVÄM’s upper step as seen in the picture below to create the backrest. Aim for the corners, and be sure to cut along at a 5° angle.

4. Assemble the sides and the already cut upper step. Use screws and/or lamellos with glue. 

5. Pre-assemble the frame with the uncut upper step. Position the part No. 4 behind the sides, and mark where the 5° angle cuts should be.

Make the cuts, and attach the part to the frame. 

6. Attach the frame to the stock BEKVÄM’s upper step.

7. Use the stock screws to attach the finished frame to the BEKVÄM’s legs. 

And the learning tower high chair is ready to use.

Here as a learning tower.

learning tower high chair ikea bekvam step stool hack

You may try it as a high chair as well.

learning tower high chair ikea bekvam step stool hack

With a proper saw, the whole process is really fast. Even if you don’t have a biscuit jointer, you can fasten it with screws and glue only. 

~ by Bence