IKEA changes its logo for Virgil Abloh’s MARKERAD

Virgil Abloh Ikea markerad collection

The collab between IKEA and Louis Vuitton’s Creative Director, Virgil Abloh drops today. And for the first time in its long history, IKEA alters its logo to celebrate the event. A tiny “Abloh-hack”, if you will.

Taking a leaf from Abloh’s iconic use of quotation marks, IKEA followed suit by capping its bold yellow logo in huge quotation marks, as seen in the store’s location at Wembley.

IKEA with Virgin Abloh quotation marks
Photo: Jonathan Hordle/PA Wire via Hypebeast

Virgil who?

The collaborators’ goal was to create homewares that are meant to interconnect the worlds of “contemporary art culture, street art culture and IKEA product design.”

The collection is targeted directly to millennials moving out of their parents’ houses, and includes 15 quirky pieces. In the range, you’ll find a “numberless” clock to a sleek daybed, dining chair with a stopper to an IKEA receipt fashioned into a rug. TBH, you could possibly fit out a small studio apartment with 15 of the MARKERAD items.

“I want each item to bring people a sense of pride, and I want the great design to be the biggest reason why you get it.” — Virgil Abloh

Now, after months of sneak peeks and teasing, IKEA releases it globally in a tightly controlled sale process. Please check with your local IKEA for details on how you can buy the MARKERAD.

The items are expected to sell out reaaaaallly quickly. In fact, by the time you read this, some are already sold out and resold on eBay. Sheesh.

The Virgil Abloh IKEA MARKERAD collection

Fans of Abloh, this is your opportunity to lay your hands on his designs at a fraction of the price of anything he creates for Louis Vuitton. Don’t miss it.

Read more about it on IKEA’s site.

Virgil Abloh Ikea markerad collection

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