Good Old EXPEDIT with Plywood doors

expedit plywood doors

Old EXPEDIT gets a new fresh look with plywood doors.

Since my kid is not yet one year old, he does not yet need a bigger wardrobe, I wanted to use two old EXPEDIT shelving units to put his toys and books, etc.

Also, he can practice opening drawers, doors and taking out boxes.

I had some plywood left over, so I wanted to use this to make it more cohesive with the dresser I had.

IKEA items used:

  • 2 EXPEDIT shelving units (it can of course also be KALLAX)
  • 3 EXPEDIT door inserts (KALLAX version)
  • 1 EXPEDIT drawer insert (KALLAX version)
  • 4 DRÖNA boxes
  • LURVIG cat house
  • HAVERN hook rack

Other materials and tools:

  • Leather handles (black)
  • Screwdriver
  • Piece of plywood
  • Some varnish
  • Sandpaper
  • Glue kit

EXPEDIT doors instructions:

(As the EXPEDIT is discontinued, you can do the same with the KALLAX shelving unit.)

Firstly, I had some used EXPEDIT door inserts and a drawer insert, besides the 2 EXPEDIT shelving units.

After deciding where the drawers, doors and DRÖNA boxes would fit best, I took out two doors and replaced them with two plywood pieces (sandpapered and varnished twice).

EXPEDIT doors in plywood

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These were also already cut to the right size in the hardware store, and my brother in law helped me with making the holes in the right place. I used the already existing door fittings.

Then, I replaced all handles with new leather handles. And to finish it off I glued a bigger plate of plywood on top of the shorter EXPEDIT as a counter.

Lastly, I paired it up with a LURVIG cat house where he can put his toys/stuffed animals, and a HAVERN hook rack on the side. (My advice is to also glue this, as the EXPEDIT sides are hollow).

~ by Marleen K.