16 new products at IKEA that made us go ahhhh…

ikea new products

February in IKEA sees an influx of new products, all about living a conscious and mindful lifestyle that’s close to nature.

The aim is to bring nature to your home with a dash of greenery and a healthy dose of wabi-sabi (the Japanese wisdom of embracing the imperfect.)

KORNSJÖ Cabinet with mirror - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

KORNSJÖ Cabinet with mirror | A cabinet and dressing table that is perfect for entryways. Steel with epoxy/polyester powder coating. $199.00 at IKEA.

TONAD Decorations - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

TONAD Decorations | A family of owls, made of concrete. $12.99 at IKEA.

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IKEA new products mix modern and rustic

In these new products, you can expect the streamlined, modern IKEA aesthetics balanced with traditional, rustic moods. Creative and innovative with a nudge towards the familiar.

The natural color palette is soothing, with fresh hues mingling with deeper tones. And lots of varying shades of green and verdant prints. All very serene and quiet.

JUNIMAGNOLIA duvet - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

JUNIMAGNOLIA Duvet cover | A floral pattern in warm earth tones. Made from 100% cotton from sustainable sources. $19.99 at IKEA.

Curtains that purify the air

ALPKLÖVER Curtains $24.99 and GUNRID air purifying curtains

And then there’s the GUNRID air purifying curtains. You read that right. The technology lies in the application of a mineral-based photocatalyst coating on the textile.

When activated by daylight, it breaks down common indoor air pollutants. Not only that, the fabric is made out of recycled PET-bottles, so it’s good for the environment too!

Moreover, this is the most important point (at least for me) — they are self-cleaning, meaning that you can save water, energy and money by reducing the number of washes.

Sustainable sources

Furthermore, the range consist of furniture that’s sustainable such as lamps and accessories made from natural materials.

TORARED pendant lamp shade - - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

TORARED Pendant lamp shade | A basket shaped pendant shade made from natural seagrass. $19.99 at IKEA.

TALLBYN lamp - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

TÄLLBYN Lamp | Made of metal and mouth-blown glass in Art Deco-like form. Available in table, pendant and floor versions. Pendant lamp retails for $49.99 at IKEA.

TJILLEVIPS basket - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

TJILLEVIPS Basket | Made from rattan. $24.99 at IKEA.

Sit and Stand support

It’s also good for your health. With this new product range, IKEA introduces a new sit/stand stool that encourages a healthy sitting habit while you work.

LIDKULLEN sit stand support - IKEA new products for Spring 2020

LIDKULLEN Sit/stand support | Work with ease with LIDKULLEN. This modern sit/stand support stimulates active sitting by a mechanism that provides constant movement and motion. $99.00 at IKEA.

BINGSTA armchair | Soft, rounded armrests and back cushion provide you with your own comfortable nook. $129.00 at IKEA.

On their website, IKEA says, “Overall, this launch is about creating peace of mind at home, by having a meaningful relationship with the objects we surround ourselves with. We take extra care of our belongings, ourselves and nature, knowing that we are all connected.”

KÄPPHÄST children's textile

KÄPPHÄST Children’s textile | Inspired by traditional patterns from lovikkavantar (Swedish mittens from Lovikka) Made from 100% cotton in joyful colorways of light green, red, pink and yellow.


KÄPPHÄST Rug | Flatwoven. $29.99 at IKEA.


HILDIGARD Rug | Fig leaf pattern and soft low pile. $49.99 at IKEA.

BOKMARKEN Display box $19.99 | VANLIGEN Collection of vases and boxes | FULLSPÄCKAD Serving tray $17.99 | TJILLEVIPS Basket $14.99

It’s a beautiful collection and I do like the range of natural materials – from wood to steel, cotton to bamboo and more.

For me, I’d check out the TONAD owls, HILDIGARD rug and KORNSJÖ Cabinet with mirror on my next shopping trip. What about you? See anything you like?

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