Q: Where to get leveling feet for GALANT A-leg?

galant a leg leveling feet

I am desperately trying to find plastic leveling feet for my IKEA GALANT table leg …

Any idea where I can find one? As you know, it is all plastic, with a fixed ball joint which lets the whole foot to swivel in the leg. 

plastic leveling foot for my IKEA GALANT table leg

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Your post on repairing the GALANT A-leg was great, only mine was actually broken on the end of the screw at top of leg.

The table had been in a huge basement flood, so we resorted to drilling holes into the legs and bolting them.

It worked great but now I need the leveling foot for just one of the legs. Really appreciate your help.

~ by Claudine


Hi Claudine

The first place to try is always, of course, IKEA.

However, the GALANT is discontinued (replaced by the BEKANT system), so they may no longer stock parts for it. But then, you’ll never know. Check with Customer Service. They may still have a spare leveling feet somewhere in the vast cavern of a warehouse.

If they are out of it, then …

Buy a new leg

I checked on ebay and Amazon. You can still get a GALANT leg or two. Since yours is already broken at the top, it may be better to replace the entire leg rather than try to fix the foot.

IKEA GALANT table leg
Or buy new leveling feet

Other brands of leveling feet may work. Take a look at the ones sold on Amazon or your local hardware store. You do need to carefully shop for the right ones to fit. Remove the old one from the GALANT leg and take it with you to the store for a suitable replacement.

leveling foot

Hope that helps to salvage your old GALANT table.

Happy hacking,


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