Social distancing IKEA style. Just stay home.

ikea social distancing

IKEA joins other brands in encouraging “social distancing” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay home instruction manual

Well, this is arguably the easiest IKEA instruction manual, though 100 rolls of toilet paper may be hard to come by.

Social distancing IKEA style

The mothership conveyed the message in the style of its iconic step-by-step assembly manual.

All you need to STAY HÖME is a key, a lock and toilet paper ?, the unofficial symbol of the pandemic.

Below that, you’ll notice a checkmark next to a closed door and an “x,” beside an open door, signaling that leaving the house is an #assemblyfail.

The humor piece was created by created McCann Tel-Aviv Israel and was posted on IKEA Israel’s Facebook page.

It says, “It’s really not complex – just stay home.”

Glad to see IKEA keeping its humor during trying times.

Reconnect with home

IKEA Spain created a more heartfelt campaign about reconnecting with our homes. The 30-second spot by McCann Madrid shows all walks of life, young and old — work and play in their homes.

As these images come on, we hear the “voice” of home itself, moving us to rediscover what home means.

“Hello, I’m your house. Your home. I’m the place where your children have grown up, where you have celebrated good news, and taken refuge from the bad. I’m the place where you can be yourself. Do you remember when we first met? Come on. Feel me. Smell me. Enjoy me. We can turn everything around. Maybe this is the time to rearrange the furniture, or get our heads in order. I am your home, and I’ll be here for you, no matter what.”

View the Spanish version.

Let me end with another meme, not from IKEA, that’s been making its rounds …

A social distancing bench

The middle portion of the long bench, which looks a bit like the old NORDEN, is removed. Two seats are on each end, presumably at least 1 metre (3 feet) apart.

Social distancing bench

Till this blows over, please shelter-in-place and make the best of your time at home.

I’m at Day 10 of our Movement Control Order. 18 more to go. We can do this!

Hang in there and keep hacking.