Another thing to use your IKEA bag for – Swan Rescue!

swan rescue bag

FRAKTA is Swedish for Swan Rescue Bag. Is there anything the blue bag can’t do?

I’m in the second day of our nation’s Movement Control Order. I know all across the globe, quarantines and varying levels of lockdowns are imposed. It’s restrictive for sure but necessary to beat this.

The priority is to stay away and stay safe. We’ll get through this.

With all the apocalyptic news going around, we can use a good dose of the positive.

Like IKEA blue bags used in swan rescue!

(This happened in 2017 but it still made my heart go awwww.)

IKEA Swan Rescue Bag

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Secret World Wildlife Rescue wrote a post on its Facebook page asking their supporters for IKEA FRAKTA bags. “We use these IKEA​ bags for rescuing and releasing swans and desperately need some more.”

IKEA Blue Bag to Swan Rescue Bag

Supporters shared the post over 300 times and a week later ….

Secret World received 300 bags with a handwritten note from the IKEA team.

IKEA Reading handwritten note

It read: “It has been 30 years since the release of the IKEA blue bag. It’s been talked about, made into dog-ponchos, used as a fashion accessory, for exercising… and now used to rescue swans. Wow, we think that’s great! It must be the most hardworking bag in the world.

We saw your Facebook post which asked for IKEA blue bags to be donated to the cause.

We were so excited to see the bags helping the wildlife and so, we hope that these will help.”

restraining a swan

Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

This is how they do it. Trained volunteers sit a swan on the swan wrap. They hold the neck of the swan gently to keep it still. Then, the volunteers apply the swan wrap to protect the wings while being transported. In the background, an IKEA “Swan Rescue” bag waits patiently.

And voilà!

IKEA Swan Rescue Bag

All ready for our ride.

IKEA Swan Rescue Bag

Besides swans, you can also use it to carry your dog.

nyc dog in ikea bag
Jules Yap