7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit

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Help! We have this TROFAST step unit and we need ideas. While redoing our son’s bedroom we see we no longer need the unit in there.

TROFAST storage combination

TROFAST storage combination with boxes | IKEA.com

We would like to repurpose the TROFAST somehow, but when we search for ideas we only see cat trees and staircases for loft beds. Anyone have other ideas?




Hi Jess

The TROFAST is a great piece of furniture. It can be used in many ways and easily repurposed.

Here are a few of my suggestions for repurposing the TROFAST step unit into something beyond toy storage.

7 ideas for repurposing the TROFAST step unit

#1 Understairs storage
7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit

Fasten four caster wheels on the underside of the TROFAST unit. Then, add a sturdy handle to the taller side. Voila! Triangle shaped storage that fits under the stairs. See the hack.

#2 Window perch for your dogs
7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit

If you have small dogs or cats, the TROFAST is a great as a window seat. See the window perch.

#3 Living room or hallway storage

While the TROFAST is designed for toy storage, it isn’t shabby as storage in the living room or any other room for that matter. Get the right coloured bins to match your living room decor.

Alternatively, use a spray paint for plastic to get the colour you want. Changing to subtler, muted shades will drastically reduce the “for kids” vibe.

Or you can opt for the TROFAST shelves if bins still remind you too much of toy storage. Stain to enhance the wood grain. Not the step unit pictured below, but you get the idea. Makes a useful entryway unit, doesn’t it?

#4 Recycling station

I find the TROFAST bins perfect for storing recyclables.

#5 Rabbit hutch

Any small pets at home? Here is the TROFAST repurposed as a rabbit enclosure.

rabbit hutch - step unit

Source: Pinterest

Now, if you have more than one TROFAST step unit, there are lots more you can do.

#6 Workbench for workshop or craft room

Push the short ends of the TROFAST units together and lay a kitchen countertop or desktop (eg. the LINNMON table top) on the units. And just like that you have a long 6.5 feet workbench. See it at work in a workshop.

7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit

The same concept also works brilliantly in the craft room. Like Pam’s beautifully organized craft station. Space the units apart if you need an even longer work top. (Be careful of the sag, though.)

7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit

Credit: Pam Kueber, Retro Renovation

(If you have only one TROFAST unit, add legs on the short side to prop up the desktop to create a smaller workstation.)

#6 Kids reading nook

With the two short sides together, your boy gets a cosy seat to curl up and read. See more here.

7 ideas to repurpose or hack the TROFAST step unit
#7 TROFAST entertainment center
IKEA Toy storage entertainment unit

Credit: SecretWolfMan via Reddit

This is almost Tetris like. The top 2 units are screwed together across the middle and have a long metal binding plate across the top to hold it up.

It may be sturdier to have all 4 units fastened to a plywood backing covering the entire structure. See details here.

Well, I hope the ideas above fired up a few thoughts for your TROFAST unit.

Let us know what you end up with.

Happy hacking,


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