IKEA online: What you need to know before you order

ikea online delivery

This post was originally posted in 2007 but a check on Consumer Affairs show that IKEA online ordering and delivery is still a hit and miss.

What’s your recent experience ordering IKEA online? Let us know in the comments below.

Nevertheless, until the stores reopen, IKEA online shopping is the next best thing to a brick and mortar store.

Let’s hope they get the system right, finally.

Here’s what you need to know before you order IKEA Online

This information is specific to IKEA USA online ordering system.

Due to the current reality, IKEA has made some changes to their delivery system.

ikea online delivery

IKEA delivery options

There are two types of delivery options: Small Order Delivery and In-Home Delivery.

i) Small Order Delivery

Small Order Delivery are for smaller items like picture frames, textiles and other shippable items. The rate starts at $5 and will increase based on the weight of your order.

Delivery is made through standard ground delivery services like most other online purchases. Once your order is on its way, you’ll receive a tracking number via email.

With contactless delivery, your parcel will be placed at your front door.

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ii) In-Home Delivery

In-Home Delivery is for bulkier items, like a sofa or dining set.

Pricing for In-Home Delivery starts at $49.00 and varies based on demand and distance from the closest IKEA retail store to your shipping address.

IKEA has temporarily changed In-Home Delivery to implement social distancing and contactless delivery. Items will be delivered to your covered porch, garage or doorstep. And drivers are not allowed to enter the delivery location.  

However, either you or your representative, that is 18 years of age or older, must still be present to receive the merchandise at the agreed upon day and time window. If no one is available to receive the delivery, a re-delivery fee may be applied to your order.

Delivery times may be longer than usual.

Familiarize yourself with IKEA Delivery Terms and Conditions before ordering. Also read this comprehensive post on the differences ordering a delivery from a specific outlet vs. ordering delivery from their warehouses. It may save you a bit of headache.

IKEA Click & Collect

Click & Collect service is temporarily suspended until stores resume operations.

Now, a real-life issue with ordering IKEA.

Lisa’s issue with IKEA online

“I want to know if anyone else has had difficulty ordering IKEA merchandise through their online or phone services? Strangely, I have had about five orders ‘mysteriously’ disappear from their system. I have the email inquiries I’ve sent and I’ve documented the frustration on my blog in this post.

Originally, I ordered the VIKEA AMON/ VIKA ARTUR desk on September 8 and have yet to see it. It seems the trestles are always out of stock, even when I call first to see if they have any then immediately place the order. However, I still get the ‘out of stock’ email.

I even had one phone rep give me a delivery date, which came and went. Someone else would have given up a while ago, but there is no other desk that I want. In addition, the nearest IKEA never has this part in stock either.

So I would like to know if anyone has had this problem or if anyone has recently received this table through phone or online ordering. Also any suggestions that someone can give me would be greatly appreciated. thanks.”

~ lisa m. williams

Originally posted on Feb 13, 2007. Updated with new information.