Q: How to hack a behind the sofa storage?

behind sofa storage hack

So I want to copy this behind the sofa storage unit, similar to this image:

behind sofa storage unit

Source: Yellow Brick Home

I had the thought of using the VADHOLMA open storage (20 x 80cm) on both ends, some L brackets and a pre-cut slab of wood.

VADHOLMA open storage

VADHOLMA open storage | IKEA.com

I am a total DIY novice with very basic tools and this seems like it’s too easy. Am I missing something?

Is there something obvious I should be concerned about? I can’t find any information on what the back of the VADHOLMA open storage is, whether it’s thin cardboard or a solid back.

I also realise it’s never going to be flush against the wall as the picture because of the floor baseboard, but is there something else I’m missing?

Thank you!

~ Karen


Hi Karen

You’re on the right track. The plan seems workable.

The thing about hacking, sometimes it is that easy. That said, we’re seldom 100% sure of the results until we start. And then, tweak as we go should we encounter problems.

But like you say, this seems easy enough.

My guess is the back of the VADHOLMA would be similar to the back of most IKEA items — a thin backer board. So, your L-brackets should go onto the frame of the VADHOLMA and not the backer board.

If the frame is too thin to support the L-brackets, forget about them. You can drill from under the top panel of the VADHOLMA into the countertop. (Measure the thickness of the VADHOLMA top panel and countertop and add them up. Get screws shorter than the total height.) Four screws between the holes for the hardware should do it.

It may be easier to make pilot holes on the VADHOLMA and countertop first before assembly. Line both pieces together, mark where the screws should go and drill through both pieces without breaking through to the top of the wood slab.

Then, assemble and screw the top on.

Are you missing anything?

Perhaps this one thing. I’m not sure how far apart you intend to space out the 2 VADHOLMA units along the back of your sofa.

If too far apart, the countertop piece may sag if it’s unsupported in the middle. You may need to add a leg to it.

And of course, adding a bottom piece (similar in length to the countertop) linking the 2 VADHOLMA units will reinforce the entire behind the sofa storage unit. The whole structure would be more sturdy. But if you don’t intend to move it much from its place, it may not be essential.

Hope your project goes as planned.

And of course, for a non-IKEA version, you can see how Kim and Scott of Yellow Brick Home did it.

Happy hacking,


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