IKEA shows us 6 creative ways to build a blanket fort

ikea blanket fort

Ahhh … the good old days of blanket fort building and makeshift tents. Seems like as #stayhome days continue on, we’re cranking up on creative ways to play.

IKEA Russia just released “instructions” for furniture forts. And they look delightful.

IKEA blanket fort

The campaign features 6 ways parents can create indoor tents and castles using everyday objects they already have at home.

While the campaign features specific IKEA items, you don’t have to get the actual item displayed in the ad to make an IKEA blanket fort. Use similar products to achieve more or less the same results.

IKEA blanket fort

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A castle is made from a blanket propped up by four dining chairs with a coat rack to form a tower. Hold the blanket in place with clothes pegs. Then, to complete the fairy tale castle, add battery operated string lights.

IKEA blanket fort

With a bit of ingenuity, parent and child can turn everyday objects into exciting settings for new adventures.

camping tent

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The instructions are easy enough — any parent or kid can do it, perhaps even do better. IKEA Russia is asking for people to share their versions of their DIY forts on social media with the hashtag #StayHome.


Ready to build an IKEA blanket fort? Show us your version.

CAUTION: Do make sure the structure is safe and do not leave children unattended.

Image credit: Ikea Russia
Source: Adweek