Easy kitchen countertop from an unexpected storage unit

platsa kitchen

We had space in our kitchen for more counters, but to get the real thing easily cost double or triple this PLATSA hack

This was incredibly easy to assemble, and bonus we can move it around if we wish for a kitchen trolley (which is also double the cost of this hack).

PLATSA kitchen cabinet

I do wonder if we should have gotten locking caster wheels at the hardware store instead of the IKEA legs. But it’s light enough to slide around if we want to. 

IKEA items used: 
IKEA planner
Other materials and tools:
  • None! Just a few screws to attach the countertop is all you need. 

PLATSA for the kitchen: 

1. Use the PLASTA planner tool on IKEA’s website to select what components you want, and get an exact list of the parts you need.

IKEA Planner

I needed more drawers in my kitchen, and wanted the counter to be longer than the unit so I can store things under it. But perhaps you want MORE drawers or cupboards only, or you want a 120cm wide cupboard (or bigger or smaller). It’s very customizable! 

Do not purchase the top board — you’ll be using a countertop instead. 

You MUST choose two 40cm tall components, however. No other combination will create the correct height for a countertop. 

The PLASTA legs are either too tall or too short.

I suspect ANY legs IKEA sells will work, so feel free to choose what matches your decor.

Keep in mind that you want something that is 6-10cm tall. Taller or shorter ones (i.e. any of the PLASTA options) will cause your countertop to be too high or low. 

2. Assemble the PLASTA drawer units per the instructions. Except turn the very top board upside down, as if you are going to attach legs to the top. This will make it easier to screw the counter on.

3. Attach the legs. Although these particular legs were not marketed as being able to go with PLASTA, they attached exactly the same. 

4. Screw on the countertop from below, using the holes intended for the leg screws. I found the angle to be very awkward, and the screws didn’t go all the way in before they started to strip… which is fine for me, it’s attached well enough.

PLATSA kitchen cabinet

Screw the countertop on from below

Installing the countertop

But if I were to do it again, I would probably attempt to attach the counter before assembling the top unit.

Make sure you use screws that aren’t too long – you don’t want them to poke out through the top. 

PLATSA kitchen cabinet

Test the overhang with your drawers. If it’s exactly centered, it is difficult to access the top drawer. We settled on a 3.5cm overhang in front, and the rest in the back.

Because of the extra space in the back, you cannot use the wall anchor points. If you have kids, consider getting some brackets to attach to the back of the counter and attach the the wall. It is not tippy with normal use, but it is light weight and could totally be a problem if you’ve got a climber. 

PLATSA kitchen cabinet

IKEA makes different sizes of this countertop, so choose what fits your space best.

We considered getting two much cheaper LAMPLIG cutting boards (46X53CM – 106cm countertop put together) and attaching them as a top, but ultimately decided we wanted the extra counter space with the overhang from the TOLKEN. 

PLATSA kitchen cabinet
Other useful information:

It cost €127 for the PLASTA components, and €90 for the countertop. Keep in mind that the countertop is designed for a bathroom.

Don’t cut directly on it, and try not to put hot things on it — I don’t know what will happen and I’d rather not learn. 

This configuration is 92cm tall. I was aiming for 90cm, but the extra two aren’t noticeable and it was worth it to me to get the legs that matched my other furniture. 

Hope you like our PLATSA kitchen countertop.

~ by Melissa K.