IKEA free backgrounds for more stylish zoom calls

zoom backgrounds by ikea

Give your “home office” a virtual makeover with these free zoom backgrounds from IKEA.

Just a few months ago, few of us imagined having a home office, let alone working from home full-time.

But here we are.

We’ve all probably sat in way too many zoom meetings … always tidying up before the call. Quickly, positioning one or two houseplants in frame, so the makeshift “home office” looks more put together.

Backgrounds by IKEA

Well, IKEA knows just the thing to make it all easier — backgrounds to fake your way to a stylish setting.

IKEA has grouped the free-to-download backgrounds into 5 packs: Office, Celebrations, With a View, Romantic and Spaces.

zoom backgrounds from IKEA

In each category, you’ll find a variety of backgrounds to switch to your heart’s content.

So whether you dream of working in a minimalist or hipster office, you’re covered.

zoom backgrounds from IKEA
zoom backgrounds from IKEA

Not only that, there’s more.

In the Celebrations category, there are backgrounds for kids parties or a cozy tête-à-tête.

zoom backgrounds from IKEA
zoom backgrounds from IKEA

In the Romantic pack, create the mood with a cosy balcony setting or fireworks in the sky.

romantic pack
outdoor scene

The “With a View” category is more surreal with dreamy faraway places. The closest thing to travelling. For now.

Using Zoom backgrounds by IKEA

Applying the backgrounds seems easy enough.

First, download the background you want to your computer. You can also hit the “Download them all” button for a zipped folder.

Then, open Zoom and enter Settings.

In the section “Virtual Background”, click the + icon and select the background you want from your computer. (They’ve included a tip to click the uncheck “Mirror my video” or everything will be viewed the wrong way round.)

Now, you’re all set to surprise co-workers and friends with a stylish background on your video call.

The backgrounds are suitable for Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

See all IKEA Zoom Backgrounds here.

All images and video courtesy of Backgrounds by IKEA.

Jules Yap