IKEA USA reopens stores … be prepared to queue

After almost 3 months, IKEA USA reopens to shoppers.

IKEA fans in the USA can get their IKEA fix very soon. IKEA Retail U.S. announced as of June 3rd select stores will begin to gradually reopen to shoppers.

Every store will have enhanced safety measures in place following guidance from the CDC and state authorities.

These include physical distancing guidance, preventative hygiene practices, temperature checks for co-workers, rigorous cleaning and sanitization and maintaining strict capacity limits. 

However, the IKEA Restaurant and children’s play area, Småland, will remain closed as an added safety measure. 

ikea reopens

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To see whether your nearest IKEA store has reopened, please check the local store page on the IKEA USA website.

More information on the enhanced safety measures in their reopened stores can be found here.

IKEA reopens around the world

IKEA has reopened their stores in many countries around the globe, often to long lines of shoppers queuing to enter.

Just three days ago, IKEA opened the doors to 19 stores in England and Northern Ireland. The turnout was massive, leading to snaking lines and wait times of up to three hours.

@ChrisFormaggia wondered whether they have been missing their meatballs? You bet.

Piers Morgan on an episode of Good Morning Britain jibed at the situation, exclaiming: “Is it really that after three months of lockdown your dream is to get a bit of plywood from IKEA? If so, what kind of human being are you!?”

To which his mother, obviously an IKEA fan, texted him, saying, “BILLY Bookcase? Just what I need.”

Piers responded: “What are you talking about mother? How do you even know what a BILLY Bookcase is? I’m absolutely staggered.”

Don’t know about you but I made a beeline for IKEA when it reopened here in Malaysia. Fortunately, no queue. And it was great to be back at my happy place.

ikea reopens

What about you? Will you be the first one there?

To check whether IKEA has reopened in other countries, please visit this page.