Combining 2 KALLAX for a super useful hallway unit

We wanted a hallway unit to store coats, bags, gloves, hats and all the items we normally lose between seasons.

IKEA item used:

Other materials and tools:

  • 3.6mm single faced ply Oak veneer sheet cut to size (1820mm x 770mm)
  • 4”x1” timber 770mm long
  • Some screws

Hallway unit instructions

Using the ‘inside’ length from the 5×5 KALLAX and the outside smaller “2” end from the 4×2 KALLAX, we created the initial L shape.

KALLAX parts

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Using the provided dowels, add a top and bottom shelf and divider from the 4×2 set.

This will give you 2 boxes, a gap of 3, then 2 boxes.

Once finished, cut down the protruding dowels.

IKEA KALLAX hallway unit

Since this is not structurally sound, screw the 3.6mm veneer ply to the back (Woodshop Direct’s Crown Cut Oak is a great match for IKEA’s White Stained Oak effect)

Once this is done, add the KALLAX doors to the top and the KALLAX shelves to the bottom.

We put the DRÖNA boxes on top to store out of season items.

Screw the 4”x1” timber to the back and screw the KARTOTEK hooks into the timber. (You could of course use any hooks you prefer!)

Add a cushion for comfort.

(You’ll also have enough KALLAX left over for a 5 x 4 Unit)

How long and how much did it cost?
  • KALLAX 5×5 = £150
  • KALLAX 4×2 = £55
  • KARTOTEK 5 Hooks = £10
  • Veneered ply = £41
  • 2 x Doors = £18
  • Shelf inserts (2) = £18
  • 2 x DRÖNA = £6

Total = £300 (But you also get a 5×4 KALLAX Unit!)

What do you like most about the hack?

It’s in keeping with our house and other IKEA furniture. And you can make it wider if you want by getting a 4×3 KALLAX and larger ply board.

I had never seen people combine 2 different KALLAX units together. This has totally changed how I view the furniture now.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Taking the risk the ply would match the IKEA unit … and it did!

What to pay special attention to?

Woodshop direct, cut-to-size and delivered!

Best to anchor it the entire unit to the wall too.

~ by Tony B.