A wood + metal round side table from two IKEA items

IKEA SNUDDA meets MARIUS stool to make a round side table.

Our garden’s water tank needed a stand and I was in the market for a large round side table. Unfortunately, most tables I found were either too bulky or expensive.

So I thought I’d hack one. I landed on the IKEA SNUDDA lazy susan as a table top as it was the perfect diameter for the tank (15 inch, or 39 cm).

IKEA items used: 

Marius stool and Snudda lazy susan

MARIUS stool and SNUDDA lazy susan | IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 

IKEA MARIUS round side table hack

First, using a plier or a socket wrench detach the SNUDDA top from the rotating base. As you’ll only need the top, you can repurpose the ball-bearing base for another project. (A revolving spice tower, perhaps?)

Marius stool and Snudda lazy susan

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Taking the two MARIUS stool leg frames, fix them to each other according to IKEA instructions.

When that’s done, center the MARIUS leg frame on the underside of the SNUDDA lazy susan. Mark where the legs screws should go on the SNUDDA with a pencil.

Use a drill to drill four holes where the markings are. Be careful to use a drill bit that is smaller than the screws. And to drill about halfway through the SNUDDA. These holes are only meant to help you screw the legs to the table top.

Then get some screws that are about 30% longer than the original MARIUS ones. Attach the legs to the SNUDDA and we’re done.

A perfect fit for my water tank.

IKEA round side table

Also works beautifully as a plant stand.

IKEA round side table

See process photos and my complete tutorial here.

~ by Zaga